Accurate, Efficient, Transparent

There are many ways to describe ABM and the billing service that we provide but we feel that the most accurate way lies in 3 simple words; Accurate, Efficient and Transparent.  While we take great pride in the other positive attributes that we bring to the table we take the greatest pride in those 3 words.  ABM is dedicated to your business and getting you the money you deserve in a timely manner.  We know about the frustration and hassle that so often comes along with working with insurance companies as well as the time that it takes to ensure that they pay every penny they owe.
When it comes to billing insurance and patient cash pay claims, ABM has systems in place that create an environment of accurate coding, efficient billing and transparency throughout the entire process.  Keeping in mind that it’s YOUR money that we are trying collect, we feel that you should have transparent, real time access of the process, throughout the process.
While there is no guarantees when it comes to working with insurance payers, we can guarantee that our work will be done accurately, efficiently and with transparency from start to finish!

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