Utah Debt Collection Services

Advanced Credit Management is a full service collection agency that is locally owned and operated in Orem, Utah. Founded in 1987, ACM has many years of both collection and medical billing experience specializing in small and medium large sized business. We have clients of every size and from all different types of industry.
​Between our experience and our size, we have the ability to cater to our clients in ways that many other collection agencies cannot.

At ACM we understand that as a small business every penny counts; this is why we work on a commission based pay scale with no hidden fees involved.  If we don’t recover your money, we don’t get paid.

Advanced Credit Management Orem Utah

Our customer service is unmatched.  Our team has many years of both customer service and collections experience.  Whether it is you as a business owner or one of your customers calling in about an account there is always someone here ready and willing to assist you.

We understand the negative image that is usually associated with collection agencies and we have made it our point to be different.  In fact, there have been multiple instances where we have been working with a debtor and because of the way they were treated, they referred their employer to us and they in turn used us for their collections.

We are sensitive to the fact that our mission is to recover delinquent accounts while at the same time affording the debtor his or her personal credibility, dignity and legal rights. However, ACM, while offering decent cooperation to difficult accounts, remains firm and business-like in pursuing all collections, being one of the top-performing agencies in the state of Utah.

We maintain high professional business ethics, vigorously adhering to the “Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices” (U.S. Dept. of Commerce Title 15).

We have an attorney on retainer for any cases that may require legal action.

The time you have taken to read this is much appreciated.  If you need assistance in collecting delinquent accounts or are unhappy with your current collection agency, we hope you will give us a call.  We would love to do business with you!

We assist many types of clients including attorneys, medical offices, financial institutions, public utilities, city ambulance services, construction companies, substance abuse facilities, property management companies and personal or commercial rental properties, etc.

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